About Karen

I am a crone. Yes, you read this correctly, a crone. Wise woman elder sounds so wonderful and elegant and classy and there are times I fit this mold. But crone is so powerful. We mostly think of the crone as decrepit, ancient, ugly, and possibly evil, but so not true. It is the third and natural stage of life for a woman. I no longer fight her, I embrace my crone self. I have earned her and this stage of my life. The crone has lived life, made mistakes and learned from them, experienced birth, death and rebirth. The crone has learned to love and accept herself and that was quite a journey for me, but I have. The crone has committed to self healing, every day. The intelligence of the maiden and mother have grown into wisdom from the challenges along the road of life. And I have overcome so many challenges and continue to do so. Crone is the culmination of a life well lived. Yes, I am a crone and when my feet hit the floor in the morning, I feel gratitude for another day and another chance to grow and learn.

And now, I have so much more to share. Join me!